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Monday, 28 December 2015


God is still doing strange works and strange acts among His people. He did not end sign and wonders  in the old and new testament era. He is still working wonders, miracles and breakthroughs.
Testimonies have the power to replicate. David testified of how God helped him to defeat the lion and the bear and he had victory over Goliath  1 Samuel 17:34-50.
So I will bring to you striking testimonies shared in Living Faith Church Worldwide  a.k.a Winners Chapel International this year(2015).
I pray that as you go through this testimonies, you will have a delivery of your own testimonies.

“My genotype has never been an issue until when my marriage was in view. It became a burden in my heart. During the 21-days fasting, on the 4th day, the man of God declared that, ‘SS’ was turning to ‘AA’. I keyed into it. I prayed then brought out my expectation card and ticked the prayer point as answered. After the last breakthrough service, I had a conviction in my heart to check my genotype. I stopped laboratory for the test and when the result came out, God had changed my story. I am now ‘AA’! Praise the Lord!”  GIFT,A

“In my eight month of pregnancy, scan result showed that my baby is hydrocephalitic which means water in my baby’s head instead of brain, and the doctors told me that the only solution is to terminate the pregnancy, I ran to my pastor, he told me it can’t happen and he prayed for me. In the ninth month, God gave me a bouncing baby boy, after five days he went in for the first neuro surgery and came out alive, went in for the second surgery and still came out alive.
Two Sundays ago, our Pastor asked us to dance for our testimony, I picked my baby and danced like never before and i gave my baby anointing oil 2.5ml for seven days.
When I went for his check up, the doctor told me that my baby is fine, that this can only be done by God.
He asked me to go and get a refund for the scan that my baby is doing very well. Indeed GOD IS OUR HEALER.”

“I had been bedwetting for 20 years. I keyed into a testimony shared last year by a lady who used to bedwet and at the age of 20, God delivered her. During the 21-days fasting and prayer, I believed God for a change of story. As I partook of the Communion, I told God to heal me. I keyed into two scriptures: Isaiah 53:5 and Psalms 126:1. I thank God for turning again my captivity, whereof I am glad. Today, I can sleep at anytime I want, eat at anytime and wake up hale and hearty! Praise the Lord!”    SIS.OLUWATOYIN, O.

Indeed God is awesome. Your TESTIMONY is NEXT. Peace!

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