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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


August 14, 2018 0
It all started on a Wednesday morning. I had woken up early and got prepared for CDS ( Community Development Service). Actually, that day there was no  CDS meeting; we were to go to Iticth (a community far away from my Place of Primary Assignment) for clearance.

I got ready on time, stepped out in my NYSC outfit that I was so proud of. The idea that morning (as usual) was to stand by the road side with the hope of getting a lift for my friend Ben ( not real name) and I .

I did not spend up to a minute by the road when this black Camry ('Big for nothing' as its generally called) pulled over. The driver offered to give me a lift; of course that's what I was looking out for. So I jumped at the offer. But, I didn't forget  to tell him that Ben would be coming along if he (the driver) didn't mind. He shrugged and said "no problem".

Ben, who was just coming out of our flat, was surprised I had already nailed a lift, in a car for that matter (we served in a typical village in Enugu state where cars were hard to come by).

So, we entered the car with thanksgiving to the driver and to God. At least we just saved another part of our 'allawee' (monthly allowance).

The drive to Iticth was uneventful, but we got to know the driver/owner of the car and two other men that were in the car. He introduced himself as Architect Rogers (not real name) from Kogi state, based in Lagos but he is temporarily in a nearby community for a building construction.

Ben and I introduced ourselves and ended it with the conventional "its my pleasure to meet you".

It seemed that the fact I told him I'm from Akwa Ibom state tickled and triggered him to ask for my number; when he dropped us at Iticth before heading to Nsukka. I obliged. At least that will serve as a gratitude offering from us to him. So, off he went with a smile.

He called the next day, requesting to sit out with me. I granted the request and Ben came along.
'Uncomfortable' was his name that evening because Ben shared the table with us and that didn't give him the chance to say what was obviously on his mind.

Eventually, he had his chance after the drinks and meat and was ready to go. On seeing him off to his car, he requested I had a little chit-chat with him.
So we ended up having the talk in his car. Wrong move by me, right?

The first thing he told me when we got settled was that he has a child, a girl, staying with his sister in Port Harcourt, but he is not married.
According to him, he was letting me know about this because he likes sincerity thereby urging me to be sincere with him; no lies.

His first and main concern was Ben. He demanded to know if I was in a relationship with him.
I told him that notion was generally agreed amongst our colleagues and the community at large, because we were always seen together and rented and lived in the same flat, different rooms. Just the two of us.
Nevertheless, I told him I had a boyfriend back home in Akwa Ibom and I truly love him.

He took the truthful information quite well. The stand he decided to take after the long discussion on various topics was that he would stay away from me in order not to hurt Ben (whatever he meant by that, I wasn't in a relationship with Ben).
Before he took his stand, he told me he didn't want me as his girlfriend or just a friend but he wanted me as a wife! (Just like that? Abasi mi!)

It was surprising to me, being that I had just known him a day and some hours.
Well, I played it cool and pleased.
Flowed with the flow to see where it will lead, though I figured it all out already but was not sure.



Saturday, 11 August 2018


August 11, 2018 0
I was reading through John chapter 2, verses 14 to 16 spoke of Jesus chasing the sellers out of the temple.

Now, I have read and heard this story so many times. But, it ministered to me in a different dimension.

Let's look at this story; asking ourselves this question.

Jesus was known for teaching the people the word but this time He didn't teach. Instead, drove them out. Why?

The Holy Spirit ministered to my spirit saying "they wouldn't have listened". So, Jesus had to do this differently.

Yes!, Jesus would have stood in the temple to teach, admonish that it is not good to turn God's temple into a market place. No one would have listened.

He could have resorted to fasting and prayer; no one could've been moved.

He didn't pat them on the back saying "oh, you've sold long enough in this temple it's time to move"; not even a bird would have flown away.

But, He took a different approach, made a scourge of small cords and drove them all out of the temple. The nonsense ended.

There are situations, people, circumstances in our lives that no longer need 'baby sitting', 'simple humble prayer', 'I can endure, tolerate attitude'.

It now needs an aggressive, 'no more',  'it's time to go'action.

Get aggressive in your prayer, if you are praying.

Take a stand physically and spiritually; demand a change.

Don't sit there throwing a 'pity party for yourself.

Go all out and get your desired turn around.

Enough is enough!. 

Monday, 9 July 2018


July 09, 2018 0

I have had some challenges this past few weeks that really wanted to drain me.
I had to really sit my self down and count my blessings; drawing strength from the word of God.

My mind reflected on a 72 year old man that had challenges with his health that didn't permit him to urinate.

He had to go through surgery to enable him urinate again. The surgery was successful.

One of the days while still recuperating at the hospital, his doctor met him crying.

He asked him what the issue was:

The old man said "in all my 72 years on earth, I have not been grateful to God for always enabling me to urinate freely and unaided. Here I am paying huge amount of money just to urinate. I took my 'little blessings' for granted."

Personally, have been blessed. Despite the challenges that come up. I may not be where I want to be right now but am not where I used to be. My past is better than today.

You may be on the hospital bed hoping for a miracle and even angry at God; thank this God you are still breathing. Many had just headache and died. Be grateful!

You are married and no children yet; thank God you are married. Many are praying to be married.

You have a common cold which is giving you difficulty in breathing. Thank God is just cold. Many are breathing with the aid of oxygen tank.

Really, we should be grateful for the blessings we call little. God is not unjust neither is He unfaithful.

Remember Joy is free and very personal. Don't let anyone or anything steal your joy no matter the challenge.

Rejoice always and be grateful.


Thursday, 28 June 2018


June 28, 2018 0
Lena Marie Johansson of Sweden was born with no arms, only one developed leg and foot, the other leg was shorter than the other.
She is the first child of loving Christian parents. Who were despaired at first by their daughters drastic deformity but learned from the Bible on how to cope and help their handicapped daugther.
Lena records in her book 'footnotes:a life without limits' that her parents treated her like every other normal person.

She went to church, attended Sunday school classes. She developed her faith in God that she was not a mistake or a circumstance that just happened.

Lena learned to use her feet to eat, to carry out basic self functions.
She plays the keyboard and has conducted choirs; has a successful professional singing career.
She has won swimming competitions and competed in Paralympics in Seoul, Korea.

Lena also drives a car with special equipment.
In her words "I prefer to rejoice in what I can do - not mourn what I can't."

Jesus was asked in John 9:1-12 about the man who was born blind "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" ...
Jesus replied "Neither this man nor his parent sinned but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him."

Indeed the works of God has been displayed in the life of Lena Marie Johansson.

Monday, 18 June 2018


June 18, 2018 0

At almost every point in our lives we seek for absolute peace, calmness and quietness around us. We wish for a place of solace from the storm that is raging; in the midst of it we feel so helpless.

Don't be helpless. For storms come to build our faith in God.
As a Christian, challenges will come but always remember that God promised to be with you in the midst of trouble and revive you.  Remember His promises concerning that issue.

Finding all round peace especially peace of mind has become an unending quest for many.

And the way to finding lasting peace is from the WORD OF GOD; the BIBLE.

From scriptures, you find words that minister to you personally.

This particular scripture holds a formula for peace. I call it a prescription for peace of mind and heart.


"Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with  thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. 
And the peace of God, which  passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts  and minds through Christ Jesus."

Let's break down the scripture:

What are the chemicals listed in the formula/prescription?

1. Prayer : It means an address to God in word or thought.

2. Supplication : means to make a humble entreaty, to ask humbly and earnestly.

Combination of "BY PRAYER AND SUPPLICATION " means to humbly address God in word or thought in earnest.

3. Thanksgiving : means a prayer that expresses thanks to God, expressing gratitude.

What a wonderful formula!

- The first line in verse 6 is an admonition  to us "be careful for nothing " meaning stop being overly anxious for things. Stop worrying.

Jesus asked in Matthew 6:27 "Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?" 

Jesus, while in the ship with His disciples in Matthew 8:23-27, the storm raged so much that the disciples feared for their lives. But Jesus Christ was sleeping. Know one can convince me He didn't know there was a storm raging. Instead, He slept through it; He was at peace in the midst of it. Wow!

So, why worry?

Instead, :

- Pour out your heart to God in prayer and supplication.

Matthew 11:28 says "Come  unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden,  and I will give you rest."

Rest means having absolute peace. The challenge is there but you have rest of mind and heart to walk through it knowing God is with you.

- Also, thank God for His blessings. Remember "with thanksgiving" from our anchor scripture.

Your prayer starts with thanksgiving and ends with thanksgiving.

Thank God for bringing you this far.
Thank Him for the breakthroughs.
Thank for answered prayers.
Thank Him for the ones He is answering.
Thank Him remembering all what He has done.

Count your BLESSINGS!

- Speak the word over your life, over that challenge day after day.

A verse or verses of the Bible that speaks to your mind concerning that challenge and make it part of your life.

Jesus said in John 14:27 "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give  unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be  afraid."

Apply this formula in your life. Take the prescription given and have peace.

Prayer + supplication + thanksgiving = Peace (of hearts and minds).


If this article has been a blessing to you, please write us. We'll love to hear from you.

Thursday, 14 June 2018


June 14, 2018 0

I wouldn't call it a coincidence but in a way it was; for I got to meet 'the woman with the baby again'.

You remember the woman with a baby I sighted from my balcony, who was so distorted that I wished I had asked her what troubled her?

Well, I met her again. She looked better than last time. Her hair was plainted in a neat weaving, the navy blue gown she wore brought out her beautiful figure. She looked really good.

She was the one that actually recognized me and approached with a lovely smile on her face.

At first I was taken aback by who could the stranger be.
I responded to her greeting and she introduced herself.
She said her name is Gloria. She came to the town junction to get baby food.

I then asked her the question I wished I had asked her the first time I met her.
Why were you looking so haggard, troubled and confused that day?

This is her story :

She lost her husband four months ago and was buried a month before I met her.
She married for only two years and has a six months old baby.

Her husband got sick after being out with friends. The doctor diagnosed poisoning. He developed stomachaches, couldn't keep food down in his system.
Everything was done to save him but it didn't work. One day he just vomited over and over again still he gave up.

Honestly, I felt her pain. Losing at 25 years old  wasn't something anyone prayed for.

She continued by telling me that her husband's people took over the husbands affairs. Seized the ATM cards; got the pin code from her and emptied the bank accounts.

All in the name of 'they are putting things in place for the burial'. Seriously?

After the burial, things became worse. She barely had food to eat. She and the late husband lived the family compound, so she was constantly humiliated.

It got to a point where she was asked to choose any of her husband's brothers to remarry. I couldn't believe my ears; in this age and time, this was still going on. Unbelievable!

She bluntly refused. She was told that if she ever decides to remarry outside the family that she would have to forgo her son.

Honestly, her suffering increased left, right and centre. Till she couldn't bare it anymore. She began to plot her escape.
An opening came and she left; which was the first time I met her.

She's back at her father's house and recovering marvelously well.
Her father helped her secure a teaching job at a newly established nursery school at her village.

I really admired her for picking up her life and living again; in which I told her so.
She responded by saying "it's not been easy, but I had to live for my son. God has really helped me and used my family to support me".

I got her phone number and even added two to three things to her baby food shopping.

Saturday, 9 June 2018


June 09, 2018 0

As many of you know, David & I celebrated our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary a couple days ago!! So exciting! In honor of that milestone and celebration, I wanted to share with you some of the things I learned my 1st year of marriage.

The Little Things Matter
I can’t stress this enough! Over the past year I’ve definitely learned how important it is to do sweet little things for my husband. This can be any number of things depending on what you and your spouse like! It can be a sweet text during the day or cooking his favorite meal. You can stop by his work to say hi & make sure you give him a hug and kiss when you both get home. These simple gestures really go a long way. They help your partner feel loved and appreciated and valued.
David knows I loveeee flowers! He surprises me with them all the time and they’re always personalized in some way to the types and colors I like. It means a lot to me that he does this because he really pays attention to what I like and goes out of his way to be sweet! Here are the gorgeous anniversary flowers he got me!
Make Financial Decisions Together
I know I’ve talked about about finances several times before & that’s because it is SO important in life and in marriage! I’ve learned that making big financial decisions together prevents a lot of arguments and fighting. One reason finances are so essential to your marriage happiness is because they can be some of the most stressful pieces. Managing your money as a couple can either make or break you. David and I make ALL major (and sometimes just minor) financial decisions together. This way, we know and agree on what we’re spending our hard earned money on! These are money jars we use to collect spare change in throughout the year.

Let God Be In Control
Although I’ve learned this, it’s something I have to be reminded of from time to time. Don’t try to take care of and control everything yourself. Being married is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also something brand new. There are going to be situations and frustrations and struggles that come your way in your marriage, & it’s important to let Him bear those. I have to learn this the hard way sometimes because I have a hard time not being in control. But when David & I let go and let God, things go so much smoother!

Patience Is A Virtue
David is MUCH better at this than me, but I try my best! I’ve actually learned a lot about being patient from David because he’s a literal champ at it. I’ve really learned this 1st year of marriage just how important patience is. When I’m not patient, all it does is make situations worse. Although I knew David pretty well before we got married, living in the same household after getting married is a learning experience. We both do many things differently, so patience is key in learning how to compromise and work together in your marriage.

Make Time For Each Other
During this 1st year of marriage I’ve really learned that you have to intentionally make time for your your husband. I’m sure your schedule get hectic and crazy just like ours. With that said, you simply must make your time together purposeful and intentional. We sneak time in together with each other whenever we can. A few minutes snuggling before we get up for work, grocery shopping together (yes, grocery shopping can be fun!), whatever we have to do to be together. I don’t know about you, but I get cranky when I don’t get to see David, so time together is very important to me!
This 1st year of marriage has taught me so many things! I love being able to learn these things with my sweet husband by my side. One year down, many more to go!

Written by Kendra.

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