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Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Nonnie Robertson, "a reformer, conference speaker and business consultant with an  acute prophetic Grace". Has shared a testimony of how God terminated 10 years of unfruitfulness in life of one of her daughters. Read below:

"Our Gracious God has done it ,He has given us double for our trouble....I am a grandmother. God has added a bouncing baby girl and boy to one of my Faithful children.

After waiting for over 10yrs for the fruit of the womb,5 years later, she took in,our happiest day turned to our saddest day,the baby didn't make it.

My ever first burial was on their late baby girl 5years ago,I had to be strong for them as they handed me a carton containg less than a day old dead baby to go and bury.I sobbed as I asked God why?They couldn't come with me,as she was still in the hospital,her husband had to be in the hospital with her,I was the only one they could trust and handed over the dead baby,I called some of the church family and they went with me to the burial ground.....what a day.

I still remember,after that we went through many failed IVF,s,miscarriages but God kept telling me he will do it.i prayed and prayed,I pleaded with God with my all, cos she runs to my house with every failed pregnancy.

I will hold her as she weeps,excruciating pains,she 'll look me deep in the eyes and say" but mum why" I 'll brace myself,hide my own pain and tears and mutter what God is saying to me,I will do it daughter God will always assure.

When they took in this time around and fear crept in,she came,I held her,reassured her on what The Lord had  told me to tell them that her breast will suckle the children and with my hands,I shall carry them.

Our Jehovah over due has over done it,my eyes have beheld the miracle,my hands have carried the children,only a fool says there's no God...How can I thank and praise this God.Faithful God.

2016 Remains a year to remember for good for his sensitive children....Praiseeeeeeeeee the lord.

He didn't give us one child but Two ,a boy and a girl. Her breast has and is suckling her children....

I don't know what promise God has given you but circumstances are making it look impossible. I have a word for you,hold on,if he said it ,he will do it. For all the tears,anguish you went through,it's going to be a Big DOUBLE for ur trouble.

Can I get an Amen....Testimonies are flooding in , you are next in line to testify...He is Real!!!"

SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/Nonnie-Roberson-Ministries-228051090573658/

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