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Wednesday, 5 July 2017



"Trust in Him at all times; he people, pour out your heart before Him: God is a refuge for us. (KJV)

"O my people, trust him all the time. Pour out your longings before him, for he can help! " (TLB)

"Trust God, my friends, and always tell him each one of your concerns. God is our place of safety." (CONTEMPORARY BIBLE)

You can't open up to someone you don't trust.

Likewise, you can't pray to a God you don't trust.

Many of us only pray and trust God only when things are going well and when things aren't so well, we lose our trust and become shaken.

We even wonder if God will hear you if you tell Him what's bothering you.

But, God is telling us to "trust in Him at all times" . "Just trust me in the good and in the bad time"s. 
Did He not say He will be with you in times of trouble? ; all He needs from you is trust.


* Absolute dependency on God.

* Absolute confidence on God. 

* Total believe on God without wavering.

* Not having option B; you just believe God will work something out anyhow.

He said "I Am the God of all flesh is anything to hard for me?" No!!!

Lets go back to Psalms 63:8.

"... Pour out your heart before Him"

Many of us pray or talk to God reserving some parts of our prayers. Why? 

"OK let me tell Him this one and forget about this other one after all, He sees my heart; agreed!"

He wants to hear from you, ask and it shall be given to you.

Read what Psalms 37:5 says:

"Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass"

Talk to God like you talk to you earthly father. Tell Him what's bothering you, how and where its so itching and hooking you. 

He knows but tell Him everything.

Don't hold back for He wants to reason out the situation with you. Read JOB 13: 3 and ISAIAH 1:18.

Finally, God is a refuge, a place of safety. 
When you pray, trust Him to help out and bring it to pass. 

God Bless you and you begin to trust Him more. 


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