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Monday, 28 May 2018


I remember most of my children's day celebration vividly like its yesterday. Its always been one of my favourite holiday back then as a child; even now i will definitely stay clued to the television to watch the 'march past' and cultural displays.
The 'march past' being one i was always involved in. Putting in all my effort like my life depended on it. Days of rehearsals unending and i being eventually choosed to be infront of the school banner; leading the school to march past the governor of the state or who represents him in the event.

My school uniform well ironed with no fault on it, sandals polished with white socks. My hair neatly done that i was always being teased as carrying Christmas tree on my head because of the colourful beads.

The 'D' day arrives, 8Am am already at school. Our games master counts the number of children boarding the school bus and we head off to the stadium. The atmosphere is charged up with competitive spirit of different schools competing for first prize.

First, march past by the Military, Nigeria police, Air force etc. The turn of shools to march past comes and off we  march. As we approached where the governor is standing to receive salute from us, i would yell "eyes right !!!" And all our heads will turned right with a salute with left hand swinging; what a moment.

Finally, march past and cultural displays is over; awaiting the results. Snacks and drinks being given to us but i will always eat extra because of the pocket money i went with.
Well, the time for the announcement finally comes and most times we took the first prize or the second prize.

All the same, the day always ended well.

Happy children's day.

Picture credit: Google.

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