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Monday, 28 December 2015


PSALMS 118:1
O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good: because His mercy endureth forever.

We have three (3) days to go before 2015 wraps up and we move into 2016. There are lots of reflections to be done and one of it is ‘thanksgiving’. Lets ask ourselves this questions:

Have you really thanked God for bringing you thus far?

Have you thanked Him for preserving and keeping you?

Have you...?

Maybe , you are saying that God has not done anything for you. Beloved, God has done alot for you.

You are complaining that 2015 has ended and nothing has happened in your life, ‘am not married and I don’t have job’. There are mentally deranged people on the street and in the psychiatric hospital, no one is thinking about marrying them. Thank God you are even fit for marriage and for a job.

You are even saying: ‘i keep seeing my menstrual flow, when will I have a children. There is someone that is even praying to see her own. Have faith, your baby will come. Thank God.

‘Father, am still a tenant. Many are sleeping on the street. Thank God.

Please, be grateful and thank God. Many have died and you are not better than them. Thank God!.
From the depth of your heart, sit down and count the blessings of God in your life. That car almost hit you but it did not. That was God.

Do you know that, your present position in life is some other person’s prayer point? Why not give this our God quality thanks; whether it was good or rough with you this year(2015).

Even if you feel or think you don’t have what to thank God for; just thank Him for what He has done for others. Remember, Job prayed for his friends and God turned his captivity around (Job 42:10).

Why give God thanks you may ask:

  • -          When you thank God for what He has done; you remind Him of what He’s yet to do. Luke 17:11-19. Verse 19 of this scripture says that only one of the lepers was made whole while the other nine where only cleansed. So, give God thanks.

  • -          Give God thanks for the blessings in your life; lest a curse comes upon it. Malachi 2:2.

  • -          Give God thanks for multiplications of your blessings. John 6:11-13

  • -          Give God thanks for the resurrection of any dead issue in your life. John 11:41-44.

And expect the best in 2016. God bless you. Peace!

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