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Friday, 17 June 2016


Be true to yourself, God and your wife. That vow you said out in church should mean something to you. It's a vow you made in the sight of God and to that woman who is your wife today. 

When the Bible said "Man love your wife as your own body...". It meant everyone of us want what's best for our body; the best clothes, shoes, etc. A man that loves his own body will not just do any to hurt himself. So, you hurt your wife, you hurt yourself because the two shall become one.

A friend of mine who is single, showed me a chat she had with a man on Facebook who is married and I just happened to know him and his wife

The chat:

Married man:  hey beautiful. I like the posts you make online. It's so inspiring. It's looks like we've met. Have we?

Single lady: no we haven't but thanks for the compliment.

Married Man: wow! Why so cold.

Single lady: cold? How?

Married man: just want to know you. I mean no harm.

Single lady: really? Just went through your profile and it shows that you are married. So what do you want to know me for?

Married man: yes am married. But I would like to have you as my special friend. I like your physique and all.

Single lady: Mr man, may God forgive you. Am the one that is good for a special friend abi. Seeing your wife's pictures. She is lovely and beautiful and if you wanted someone of my physique, you shouldn't have married a slim woman. You are such a disgrace. Don't chat me up again else I will post your picture all over Facebook.

I was in shock because I happened to know this man and his wife. I kept wondering why would he be doing this.

Men, a little step towards sin will land you in trouble. There is a proverb in my place that says "little drops of rain will fill the water pot".

Little by little let me just joke online will land you into something big. You start lying to wife, hiding text messages and put codes in your phone,desktop etc. You start seeing her as a nagging wife . And you seem to forget that your wife is a reflection of you, that it's the seeds that you planted and still planting that you are reaping.

Married men, adultery is a sin even with the eyes only (Matthew 5:28).

Pastor Ezekiel Atang said "you don't have to have sex to be a cheater. Once you start hiding text messages, lying about where you are going and who you're with, you're on your way there."  Word!

So in essence, truly, faithfully and sincerely love your wife in words and in action. She won't go sick by it instead, it will make her glow, the best in her will show forth and everyone will see how happy she is with you.

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