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Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Mrs Belinda sat at her daughter's graduation with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Her friend, Bukky, who sat beside her noticed and asked "Belinda, why are you shedding tears on Joyce graduation? You should be smiling instead"

Mrs Belinda replied: "Bukky you don't understand. Am shedding tears of joy and gratitude. I was supposed to die 'five months ago'.

"What?!" Bukky exclaimed. And you are telling me now?

"I didn't want to disturb you with my troubles" replied Mrs Belinda.

"Ok ; but, can you at least tell me what really happened? Asked Bukky.

Mrs Belinda took in a deep breath like one that climbed the stairs of a tower and began her story.

"I was diagnosed of having brain tumors multiplying rapidly. The doctor said I had five months to live.


Mrs Belinda sat at the doctors office looking nervous.

The door opened and a young man about the age of 33 years stepped in.

"Mrs Belinda, nice meeting you again.
Its been three weeks since our last meeting.
I went through the test result and even sent it to one of our Specialist.
It doesn't look good"

"Doctor, what is it?"

"You have a rare terminal disease called lampington disease. Its the rapid multiplying of tumors in the brain.
From our results here, its shows you have just five months to live.
Am sorry Madam."

"We could carry out a brain surgery to buy you more time".

Mrs Belinda looked at the doctor; smiled and said "hmmm...this is not my portion in Christ"

"Madam, I would advice you go home and decide if you will carry out the surgery or enjoy life to the fullest for the next five months"

Mrs Belinda replied "Doctor, I will not undergo the surgery. Moreover your test result isn't saying the truth about me"

"Madam, I could refer you to another doctor for another test but I can confidently tell you he would say the same thing. This is the truth of your test am holding here."

"Doctor, that might be the truth to you but to me, its a fact about me not the truth.
I am going to live more than five months and beyond and attend my daughter's graduation ceremony.
The God I serve will see me through".

The doctor stared at her for some minutes and at last spoke up, "ok then Madam, I guess our meeting is over. I hope to hear from you concerning your decision".

Mrs Belinda went home that day. Knelt by her bedside and began to pray fervently.
She read the word of God daily and claimed the promises in it.
Read books on healing.
Listened to tapes on healing.
Praised God joyfully for answers to her request daily.

Her faith in God was so strong. Nothing could shake it.
She went about her life happily. Not even her children knew what was going on with their mother.
Oh! What a great faith.

Exactly Five months.

She went back to the same doctor to run another test and scan on her again.
This time around, something miraculous had happened.

"This can not be!" Exclaimed the doctor.
Mrs Belinda what did you do?

"What Doctor?"

"The test shows no trace of any brain tumor. Unbelievable!"

"Mrs Belinda, I have to refer you to one of our specialist for his own result. Please."

"No problem doctor" said a smiling and laughing Mrs Belinda.

She went and came back with the results.

Her doctor was so bewildered.
"This is beyond me" he said.

"Doctor, I told you my case is different. I knew my God cannot fail me. He said in His word that "I shall not die"; He is a God that does the impossible".

The doctor was dumfounded, speechless and shocked. While Mrs Belinda was busy singing, rejoicing and praising God for healing her.


Bukky spoke finally. " this is way out of this world. You mean you got this news and you where busy joining me to prepare for my daughters wedding. You are unbelievable. What a great testimony"

"So when is the thanksgiving party? You know it has to happen and am planning it."

Mrs Belinda laughed but before she could reply, her daughter was announced as the best graduating student.


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