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Thursday, 23 February 2017


Music connects people. It brings the world together. True!

Imagine singing one of Don Moen's songs, "I am the Lord that healeth thee..." Dah dah dah dah... And you sing away.

Then a total stranger taps you and asked:

"Who is the singer of that song?"

"And you answered "oh! Don Moen"

"Really?! Have heard of him. I didn't know he sang a song sounding so beautiful; spirit lifting."

And before you know it, you are chatting away with someone you haven't met before.

Believe me, it has happened to me on several occasions.

In the same way, we can connect to God with music.

The Psalmist said "...O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel" (Psalms 22:3).

God enjoys our singing praises and worship to Him. It connects  us to Him spiritually. His presence overshadows us and He dwells in our praise.

In 2 chronicle 20:1-24, God instructed King Jehoshaphat to tell the people to only praise Him and watch Him fight the war for them. (This will be someone's portion to all life's challenges, in Jesus name; amen.)

It sounds foolish; right? But that is what God instructed them to do. And in the midst of the praise; God worked wonders.

Praise and worship God always. Whether everything is going well or not. And watch Him work wonders.

Like most of us watch in some of our Nigerian home movies, when a native doctor (herbalist) wants to consult his god. He will first of all sing praises to the god before incantations just to get his attention.

Where and who do you think they copied it from? Our God.

Our God dwells in praise. You connect and get His attention easily through praise. (Psalms 100:1).

Praise this our God today with all your heart, mind and soul.

Even before you think of asking God anything in prayer, thank and praise Him for what He has done before , for what He is about to do and for what He will do. Jesus thought us this too in "Our Lords prayer" . ( Matthew 6:9-13).

Remember, if you won't praise Him, He will raise up stones to do that for Him.

God forbid! Would you allow this?

Praise God!

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