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Monday, 3 July 2017


Your breakthrough should never take your place of service to God.

Be blessed by God in what ever capacity He has blessed you with. But, be humble before Him because your achievements mean nothing to Him; instead, your constant service to Him with all you have achieved in life means so much to God.

Ask yourself, what is my place of service in the house of God?

What is my contribution towards the advancement of God's kingdom?

Some of us forget about God when He has blessed us but when things where not so rosy, we where found in His house constantly serving Him.

Some of us even take our place of service for our own selfish interest.

Remember Moses, he was the meekest man on earth. God gave him the ministry to lead his people and he was still meek. He would have been puffed up and forget why he was called to lead and begin doing what he pleased.

In this life we are living, don't allow your position in the society hinder, stop or become an excuse of you not serving God.

Start serving God with everything in you; your strength, money, car and with all He has blessed you with.

But, remember your heart of service to God matters too. It should be done joyfully, willingly and not grugingly.

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